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SpringClick has served 1,178,261,921 advertisements and counting

Why Choose SpringClick?

SpringClick is an easy to use platform that allows its users to easily control and manage ad inventory. Whether you are an ad agency or own a single website SpringClick can help you easliy manage, track, and optimize the ads on your sites to make the greatest impact.

Real Time Stats

SpringClicks architecture. It's not all about the numbers, but how that data is represented to you, a form that is intuitive, comprehensible, and customizable. Export your charts to various images or vectors for presentations. Did we mention it's real time?

Faster Ad Delivery Times

SpringClick uses the latest technology and a global content delivery network to make your ads load extremely fast. Even if your site gets overwhelmed with traffic our setup will keep your ads online.

Bleeding Edge Tech

Say "Goodbye" to illegible ad embed codes and say "Hello" to SpringClick's HTML5 system. With deferred ad loading, your page renders as quickly as possible. In addition, our front-end control system is designed to allow you to interact with your ads directly from your site.


Ad Click Heat Maps

Determining if you're engaging your users is just as important as how you are, and with Spring Clicks incredible click-heatmap technology, you can see what about your ads is driving users to click them, allowing you to refine and develop your advertising strategies for a higher CTR

Advertisment Geo Targeting

Having the ability to geo target ads another level of optimization for your ads. Say you own a website this feature can provide another level of inventory to sell to your advertisers that might not have the budget for global ads.

Campaign Managment

Have a client that has a specific budget? Use Springclick to create a campaign using specific CPM rates and budget allownces. SpringClick will automatically serve ads up until that budget has been met and automatically deactivate them once their cap has been met, making it VERY easy to manage multiple campaigns at once.




The Easy to Use Ad Management Platform





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